Have you ever had a vegan slice of chocolate cake? Meaning it's made without any traditional baking ingredients, like butter, milk, and eggs. Even if you think the answer's "no," experts say that you may have had one and not realized it. That's because some vegan bakeries are hiding the fact that they're vegan. They're worried that non-vegans won't be customers - because most people assume "vegan" is code for "bland and boring." But if they don't have any non-vegan customers, these bakeries are cutting off a huge source of potential revenue. So they're keeping their vegan-status under wraps. Now, you may think that's silly - since the vegan movement is red hot right now. For example, vegan bakers recently took first-place on the hit TV series "Cupcake Wars", and there's now a vegan bakery at one of the most popular places on earth, Walt Disney World. But the reality is - only point-5 percent of the population is vegan. And the other 99.5 percent assume that a vegan cupcake is as tasty as a hockey puck. But major ingredient breakthroughs have made it nearly impossible to tell the difference between vegan and regular sweets. So, how can you spot an incognito vegan bakery? Just look for the secret code. They typically use words on signs and products to alert customers that they're made without animal products, like "egg-free" and "dairy-free."