If you’ve been dating someone for a while, how do you introduce them? You could say “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” – but if you’re over 30, that almost sounds silly. And you’re not going to say, “This is Justin, the man I hope to marry.” So, here are a few names you can call your loved ones:

  • First: Significant Other. This started as a psychology term for someone with a huge influence over another person, especially a child. The pros: The term makes you feel significant. The cons: It’s kind of vague, and not very romantic.

  • You could call your special someone “Partner,” which can be traced back to Milton’s 17th century epic poem, Paradise Lost. The pros: It can apply to men and women and implies that the relationship is 50-50. The cons: It’s not very endearing to be called “My partner, Sarah” – and people might just think you’re in business together – not in love. 

  • What about Main Squeeze? In the late 1800s, it referred to the boss on a farm or in an office. The pros: Main Squeeze is funny and cute. The cons: You give the impression that there may be a secondary squeeze waiting in the wings.

  • Okay, how about calling the person you love Soul-Mate? The term dates from 1822, when the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote, “You must have a Soul-mate as well as a House or Yoke-mate.” The pros: It makes it sound like you were meant for each other. The cons: It sounds like you think your relationship is better than everybody else’s.

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