Smells are amazing - just one whiff of apple pie can take you back to your grandma’s kitchen when you were 8 years old. But scents do even more than remind you of a person, a particular place, or a moment in time. They can stimulate important mental and physical functions. Here are a few things that scents do for your body:

Scents can help control appetite: In a study of over 3,000 people, those who sniffed banana, green apple, or chocolate scents when they felt hungry lost an average of 30 pounds in 6 months. Sniffing these foods often, and sniffing your meals before you eat them, will make your brain think you’re eating more, and it’ll suppress your appetite. Why? Because half of taste is actually smell. So if you’re smelling more, your mind thinks you’re tasting more, too.  

Scents also increase your energy level: Some aromas that do this include:

  • Jasmine - It increases beta waves in the brain, which is a sign of alertness.

  • And peppermint works on your sensory nerves and also increases alertness. 

Another effect smells have on the body: They reduce anxiety - fresh, natural scents are calming. For example, smells like green apple and cucumber affect the emotional center of your brain. So, if you know you’ll be in a nerve-wracking situation, wash your hair that morning with apple-scented shampoo to help you remain calm.