Would you believe that 1 in 6 high school students abuse drugs during the school day? That’s the upshot of a recent survey of more than 1,000 teenagers. 

Substance abuse expert Dr. Bruce Goldman isn’t surprised. He points out that teens tend to abuse alcohol, marijuana, and prescription meds with their friends, and friends tend to stay together all day at school. 

Also, schools are often hubs of drug-dealing activity. Nearly half of high schoolers say they know a fellow student who sells drugs. They also know of locations near campus where kids can smoke, drink and get high during the day without getting caught. 

Dr. Goldman says one of the major reasons for the spike in at-school drug use is social media, like Facebook, because 75 percent of teens say that seeing pictures of other teens partying online makes them want to party, too. In fact, teens who look at wild-party pictures are 4 times more likely to use marijuana, alcohol or tobacco. That’s compared to kids who don’t look at party pictures. 

So, parents, consider this a wakeup call! 

Experts say that parent supervision and parent expectations have a huge impact on teen drug use. For example, kids who’re left home alone overnight are twice as likely to use alcohol or marijuana, and 3 times as likely to smoke, that’s compared to kids who’re never left home alone. And teens who believe their parents would be “extremely upset” to discover they were smoking, drinking or getting high, are less likely to do it.