Prepare for a lot of extra shampoo, ketchup, and detergent coming your way – all free of charge! That’s because product packages are being redesigned so consumers can get every drop, dollop or squirt!

Until now, packaging for household items has been pretty uneconomical with up to 25-percent of the contents never being used – because it was inaccessible, stuck at the bottom of the bottle – even if you used a knife, scissors, or your bare hands to try to scrape out every last drop.

But ever since the recession, maximum efficiency has become customers’ number one priority. In fact, a recent study found that 97-percent of consumers say that using every ounce of a product is very important - and they want to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. That’s why manufacturers are racing to redesign packages. So, what do the package makeovers look like?

First: The big buzzword is “airless”, like airless pumps, which dispense things like soap and skin cream using a piston which gets 98-percent of a product out of the package.

Then, no more pounding on the bottom of a ketchup bottle to get the last of it out! Instead, condiments like ketchup and mustard will be in flexible, squeezable pouches – making it easy to squeeze out every last drop.

Another package getting a recession makeover: Laundry detergent! Tide recently rolled out single-dose pods that you throw in the washing machine – so you can use the exact amount of recommended detergent. Instead of overfilling the measuring cup, and pouring money down the drain.

And even fancy brands are getting efficient! La Prairie eye cream – which costs $300 for less than an ounce – now comes with a tiny spatula that you can use to scoop out nearly 100-percent of the upscale cream.