Attention, 9-to-5ers.  Do you fantasize about a job where you can set your own hours or work from home whenever you want? You can make it a reality, simply by getting an hourly job.

Hourly job positions, in fields like retail, manufacturing, and food service, normally don’t offer any perks. But for the first time in history, a growing number of companies are providing V.I.P. benefits.

So, why are companies rolling out the red carpet for hourly workers? To keep them. The average turnover rate among hourly employees is a whopping 80 percent! Which means that companies are constantly pouring money down the drain by hiring and training new workers. So, they figure that flexible, generous policies will make hourly workers want to stay, and work harder.

For example, one manufacturing company we read about allows factory workers to assemble products from home. One moving company lets workers create their own schedules. And part-time Kaiser Permanente employees can arrange paid half-days, so they don’t have to take a whole day off if they have something to do, like a meeting at their kid’s school.

So far, the perks are working. One factory we read about used to have a sky-high turnover rate. But ever since they started giving flexible schedules to hourly workers, the turnover rate has dropped to just 5 percent.