There’s something taking over the internet, home design and clothing styles…

It’s called “Cottagecore”… It’s an idealized version of country living, which romanticizes living a slow life, close to nature. Think, clean laundry drying on a line outside a thatched-roof cottage. And it’s an aesthetic that celebrates nostalgia. From shabby-chic home design, to dresses reminiscent of ‘Little House on the Prairie’, to traditional skills and crafts like gardening, baking and pottery. That’s cottagecore - and it’s red hot!

It’s a backlash against ‘hustle culture’, smartphones and urgent work emails.

And everyone from the LA Times to the New York Times is calling it the biggest lifestyle trend of the post-coronavirus era. And it’s no surprise people are craving a simpler life these days. In stress-filled times, cottagecore is calming. It’s turned quarantine into something that feels peaceful, instead of terrifying. And cottagecore feels wholesome, soothing, and optimistic. And that’s what a lot of people need right now.

In fact, according to trend experts at Tumblr, every time there’s been a spike in coronavirus cases, there’s been a spike in searches for cottagecore right along with it.