The hottest hair color of the moment? Covid Gray! According to the Wall Street Journal, after being separated from their hairdressers for months on end, a growing number of people have decided to embrace their gray for good - from their hair to their beards! Even people who dye their own hair say they’ve let go of the need to color their gray roots every two weeks and say they’ve never felt so free!

People are also keeping a running tab on their gray growing in… taking weekly pictures and posting them on social media.

And here are a few facts about gray hair:

Genetics is the #1 reason we go gray. Meaning, if your mom or dad went gray at 30, you probably will, too. But stress, nutritional deficiencies, and hormone issues can trigger premature graying - which can occur as early as age 18 or 20.

But, for most people, by age 50, half their hair will be gray. And dark-haired people do NOT go gray earlier than blondes - it’s just more of a contrast, so it’s more obvious.

And that’s the hottest new hair color trend: Covid gray!