So you've got a hot date Saturday night. What are you gonna do? Dinner and a movie? You can do better than that! Here are some great ideas from Rodale Publishing. They're date "upgrades" that show you care and put some thought into it.

  • So if you typically bring flowers,"Upgrade" your date by picking apples together. This is the perfect time of year for it. You can find a nearby orchard by logging on to and clicking on "orchard". They list thousands of them all over the world from Switzerland to South Dakota.
  • If you usually pick up your date in your Ford Taurus,  instead, "upgrade" to a luxury car for the night. Rent a classic Mustang convertible or even a Porsche for the night. lists companies specializing in cool cars.
  • If you usually drive up to Inspiration Point- "Upgrade" by bringing along a telescope. Mars is still really close to earth and it's easy to see around 9:00 o'clock at night. You can go to to find out which stars and constellations will be most visible.
  • If you typically order Chinese take-out and rent movies. Instead, take a sushi making course together at a cooking school. Go to to find one near you.
  • And lastly, if you take long romantic drives, try this "upgrade." Take a long romantic flight. You can both learn how to fly by checking out flight schools at