You may not need to see a doctor to treat motion sickness, bug bites, or sleep troubles. Here are a few unusual home remedies that actually work: 

  • First: For motion sickness, take ginger. Researchers found that ginger significantly reduces feelings of seasickness in rough weather – and even nausea in pregnant women. It doesn’t matter what form you use - as long as the product contains real ginger root. So, try crystallized ginger, ginger tea, or the ginger capsules sold at health food stores. 

  • The next home remedy is for bug bites and poison ivy: The inside of a banana peel. The pithy white lining contains chemicals that relieve itching, and reduce inflammation. Banana peels also contain anti-bacterial properties that can help treat acne. Just wash your face, and rub the inside of the peel over the problem areas. 

  • And finally: If you have sleep apnea, it can help to learn the Didgeridoo. Okay, most people don’t have a 10-foot-long aboriginal wind instrument lying around the house. But it might be worth getting one. That’s because playing one requires learning a technique called circular breathing.

Where you inhale through your nose, at the same time you blow air out of your cheeks, so you can maintain one long, steady exhale. A study in the British Medical Journal shows that circular breathing strengthens the parts of your airway that can collapse while you sleep, causing you to stop breathing repeatedly, and waking you up just enough so you start breathing again. Want do give it a try? You can build your own didgeridoo out of PVC pipe for less than $10. I’ll post the link on