Have you been unsuccessful searching for love? Here’s a new idea.  Hire a professional wingman to help you charm potential love interests.

These are professionals who pose as your friend and help you chat up would-be partners everywhere from supermarkets to nightclubs.  And demand is so high that companies specializing in wingmen are cropping up everywhere offering help in-person, or via Skype.

So, how exactly does hiring a professional wingman work? First, they meet with you to find out what type of person you’re interested in. Then, they go with you to a coffee shop or bar and pretend to be your close friend. They use their winning personality skills to introduce you to people who might make a good match. They keep the conversation flowing while making you look like a great catch. Or they’ll coach you to say the right things and put your best foot forward, all for about $50 an hour.

It may sound pricey and you probably figure you’d be better off having a real friend as your wingman for free. But experts say a friend could crush your chances of finding love by, say, mentioning how you wet the bed in junior high. Also, your real best friend may not be a good conversationalist, and that’ll leave you both on the sidelines looking for love.

One Massachusetts man we read about says that hiring a wingman was the best thing he ever did for his love life. Because even though he was a successful businessman, he’d clam up around women. But after working with a pro wingman, he’s much more confident, and now approaches women on his own.

If you’re interested in hiring a wingman, or becoming one, check out the site TheProfessionalWingman.com.