But according to Netscape .com, there are some things men do that just drive women crazy   and not in a good way.
Tell me if any of these sound familiar. These are the pet peeves of women:

  • You have no manners. If you're into burping, and other obnoxious 12-year-old behavior, you're not winning any points with the ladies.
  • You're a total slob. Women notice every dirty fingernail, every puff of bad breath, and every hole in your ratty socks, not to mention the trails of dirty laundry, and empty milk cartons in the fridge.
  • You have selective hearing. If your wife mentions sports or a little romance, you're all ears. But if she mentions taking out the garbage, or hosing off the patio furniture, the words seem to evaporate between their lips and your ears.
  • You're totally unobservant   except when it affects you. You notice that fat-free ice cream was substituted for the real thing, but you don't see that your wife got a hair cut or lost a few pounds.

Those are women's biggest pet peeves about men. So, how can you make sure the love doesn't fade? Do the opposite numbskull! Mind your manners, clean up after yourselves, listen when the woman in your life talks, and keep an eye out for changes.
So say the relationship experts at Netscape.