No matter how honest you think your woman is, she always tells little white lies. But the thing is, she does it for you. According to researchers at the University of Massachusetts, 60 percent of both men and women lie at least once during a ten-minute conversation. But the women are better at it! They're generally better speakers and inspire more credibility. But why does she lie to you? Here's the scoop from Netscape .com's relationship expert, Laura Snyder:

  • To make you feel better. That U-MASS study found that both genders lie, but the reasons for it are different. For women, most fibs are told to make the person they're talking to feel better. Like when you ask if your hair is thinning and she says no. Be glad she does this, and remember it the next time she asks you if you think she looks fat.
  • A woman also lies To Save Herself. This is when she lies to make herself look more attractive to you, or to protect herself. Like when she pretends an interest in golf or rocket technology. Or when she says she doesn't really want to get married.
  • And the last reason women tell white lies is To Avoid a Fight. You didn't really believe her when you asked what was wrong and she said nothing, did you? Sometimes it's better not to bring every little grievance out in the open. Some issues take care of themselves, and some are bogus or hormonal. Be thankful she does this. Would you rather fight more often? I didn't think so. So there you go. Maybe the occasional fib isn't so bad after all.