You can eat your way to a better mood! Here's what to snack on the next time you're mad, sad, or can't stay awake! This comes from Quick and Simple Magazine. * If you're mad. Have some fish - like salmon or trout. According to a recent study by the British Association of Anger Management, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish help reduce irritability. Why? Experts think it's because these chemicals help regulate the area of the brain that deals with impulsive behavior. But if you don't have time to broil yourself some fish, reach for an orange instead. It's packed with temper-lowering Vitamin B12. * If you're sad. Peel a banana. They're a great source of Vitamin B6. And studies show this vitamin helps the brain produce dopamine - a hormone that increases motivation and makes you feel happy. * If you're tired. Have a carton of yogurt or a small serving of chicken. That's the word from Dr. Cheryle Hart, author of The Feel Good Diet. She says protein-rich foods release hormones that keep you awake and alert. And since protein helps you feel full, you won't make that mid-afternoon dash to the vending machine for that sugary candy bar. * If you're bored. Have a handful of nuts. No, they won't provide instant entertainment, but they will stop you from raiding the fridge. Boredom makes us more inclined to snack because we have nothing better to do. But the chemicals in nuts help our body release appetite-suppressing hormones, so you won't be tempted to amuse yourself by eating. So let's review: If you're mad, eat fish or an orange. If you're sad, have a banana. If you're tired, eat yogurt or chicken. And if you're bored, snack on nuts. Happy eating!