These days, 27% of a movie theater's revenue comes from concession foods. While popcorn is the most popular concession snack of all, you may be shocked to hear what moviegoers in other countries are eating when they sit down to watch "Avatar." Consider this list of movie snacks we found on the Website* If you're in Japan: Try a container of Baked Fish Skeletons. These are sardine-sized fish, baked in a mixture of soy and sugar, to give them a sweet, savory flavor. Because the fish are so small, you can eat them with the head, tail and bones intact. Since the fish are baked, experts say you'll enjoy all the health benefits of consuming omega-3 fatty acids, like lowering your risk of Alzheimer's and heart disease.* Next, if you're at the movies in the Netherlands: Go for a box of Salty Licorice. It's black licorice covered in a salty sprinkle. The Dutch consume more licorice than any other nation, with the average person eating about four pounds per year! That's good for their health, since eating a piece of licorice can help you fight off a cold. How? Studies have shown there are chemicals in the candy that loosen mucus in your airways, so you'll cough less.* If you're at the movies in Thailand: Try a small bucket of Tom Yum Popcorn. "Tom Yum" is the name for a soupy mix of lemon grass, lime juice, fish sauce, crushed chili peppers and ginger root. Sprinkling some tom yum on popcorn gives it a distinct hot and sour taste. While tom yum can be high in calories, experts say it's much healthier than smothering your popcorn with butter and salt.* Finally, what do movie-goers drink in Lithuania? They wash down all their snacks with a mug of Kvas. Kvas is made by pouring hot water over stale black or rye bread. The remaining liquid is then left to ferment in wooden tubs, before it's flavored with mint, berries or raisins. The alcohol content of Kvas is so low that children can drink it. Since a mug of Kvas isn't flavored with sugar or corn syrup, it's automatically healthier than anything you could buy at a movie theater's soda fountain.