A lot of the every day things hurricane evacuees need aren't provided by disaster relief agencies, shelters, or even by federal assistance programs. Yes, food, shelter, water and blankets are needed and necessary. But hurricane victims need these basics too, badly! Diapers, menstrual pads and tampons, and toiletries. So here’s how to help:

  • Donate to The National Diaper Bank Network. They work with more than 300 community-based diaper banks across the country that collect, store, and distribute free diapers to families in need. The Houston Diaper Bank ran out of 20-thousand diapers in one week. So supplies are needed. Cash donations are just as good as the diapers themselves. Go to: http://nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org/

  • Hurricane evacuees also need feminine hygiene products. It’s not something most people think to grab in an emergency. That’s where “I Support the Girls” comes in. They collect and distribute donated new or used bras and unopened packages of maxi pads and tampons to women in need across the country and internationally. Cash donations are what the organization needs the most right now to distribute shipments throughout Texas and Florida. Go to: http://isupportthegirls.org/

  • For toiletries, “Simply the Basics” is donating thousands of hygiene kits containing tampons, pads, razors, and toothbrushes to displaced Harvey and Irma victims, in addition to homeless women across the country. A donation of $25 can help produce five of these kits. Go to: http://www.simplythebasics.org/