Here is a list of things you should never put in your mouth. According to three esteemed nutritionists, these foods are dietary kryptonite - they'll leave you powerless:

  • Dr. Maryellen Camire, professor of food science at the University of Maine, says never eat raw oysters. They can be contaminated with hepatitis and other nasty viruses. She also says, never drink sports drinks. They're a waste of money unless you're a competitive athlete. Plus, they'll rot your teeth faster than any other drink.
  • David Grotto, director of nutrition at the Block Center for Cancer Care, says never eat pork rinds. Yes, they have protein, but so does your own skin and you wouldn't eat that. He also says, never eat a charred steak. Charred meats have chemical compounds which have been linked to cancer. Also, don't eat anything that's fallen on the floor. Once it hits the ground, the dirt, chemical, and bacteria party begins.
  • Dr. David Katz, director of medical studies at Yale University, says never eat any processed lunch meat. Pastrami, corned beef, and bologna are packed with saturated fat. Dr. Katz also says never eat mayo - it's just a delivery system for fat and calories.
  • Last on the "do not eat list:" Pop-Tarts! He says they're peddled as a quick breakfast but they're loaded with sugar and fat. Eat a piece of fruit or a yogurt instead.