Because knowing what's likely to happen on which day of the week can help you save time, energy, and money. A panel of statisticians from the National Council of Actuarial Analysis pored over tons of data and determined that some days really are better than others. Here's what they found:

  • Sunday - is the busiest morning in the malls. It's also the day most people suffer stress related headaches. Why? Experts say it’s from worrying about the week to come. And according to more than 60 percent of survey respondents, Sunday dinner is the week's most stressful meal to prepare.
  • Monday - If you get the Monday morning blues, you're not alone. Suicides and heart attacks are all more likely on this day, and it's the most common day for people to call in sick.
  • Tuesday - This is the most productive day of the work week, but the least popular day for romance. It's the busiest day on the Internet, because Microsoft issues its security updates on Tuesdays, but the least busy day on the highways, with the fewest number of traffic fatalities.
  • Wednesday- This is the best day to recruit new workers. Employment agencies report being 50 percent busier on the middle day of the week. And it's the best day to try out a new romantic partner, with most people picking it as the preferred evening for a first date.
  • Thursday - Avoid going to the hospital. Doctors are more likely to take Friday off, giving themselves a three-day weekend and leaving you stuck in bed.
  • Friday - It's the most dangerous day on the roads and the most common day to get fired.
  • Saturday - For the ancient Romans, this was a grim day, named for Saturn, the dark Titan who tried to eat his own children. But now it's the most popular day for weddings, when approximately 75% percent of couples tie the knot.