You have a good job, you’re a stand-up guy, you have a decent sense of humor and a you don’t live in your parent’s basement. If you invite your date over for dinner and your place is a wreck, don’t expect the relationship to last longer than the time it takes to eat the entrée and politely say goodnight. That’s according to sociologist and researcher Dr. Julie Albright from the University of Southern California. She says all around your home are clues about what everyday life with you would be like. So here’s how women view your place, and how to spiff it up so women don’t flee.

  • Let’s talk about your bathroom. If you’re inviting a woman over for a home-cooked dinner, she’ll probably visit it at some point. What you want her to see: Your nice grooming products, like that fancy shaver and soap set your sister gave you for Christmas. Why? Because that shows a woman that you’re serious about taking care of yourself which suggests that you’ll treat her with care as well.
  • So what about the reading material on your coffee table? Nothing’s worse than one of those magazines with the headline, “Hollywood’s 10 Sexiest Women.” Research has shown that when women see images of perfect models it can provoke some unhealthy behaviors - like women starving themselves to become what they think society considers ‘beautiful.’ Those magazine images don’t just affect the ladies. According to _Psychology Toda_y, men are no different. The photos that erode male body image the fastest are the ones of scantily clad women. That’s because when guys look at beautiful women, they imagine what those women want and think that they have no chance of getting their attention.
  • Also, ditch the clutter. It breeds uneasiness. With clutter, the eye has no place to rest. 
  • One last piece of advice for that home-cooked dinner date: Use ONE candle. No more. One candle sets the mood. More than that and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard. However, a different lighting source, like a candle, engages the senses – and according to Dr. Albright, the more senses you engage, the more memorable the occasion. So what type of candle? Try an orange or lavender scent which reduce anxiety and improve mood.