We're all about boosting your brainpower on this show. So here it is the ultimate mastermind diet! According to New Scientist magazine, your brain is the greediest organ in your body, and it has some pretty specific dietary requirements. So it's not surprising that what you eat can effect how you think. So which foods can help unlock your inner genius?
Well for starters - eat breakfast. Many studies have shown that skipping breakfast reduces people's performance at work and school. Why? Because you're missing out on your morning jolt of glucose - a simple sugar found in many foods that helps fuel your brain all day long. But it's not just about consuming calories in the morning. You have to eat the right foods. Research shows that when kids fill up on foods with unhealthy sugars, like doughnuts and sweet cereals, they perform at the level of a 70-year-old on tests of memory and attention. Not only that, but junk food is implicated in a whole slew of mental disorders, such as ADHD and autism. The best breakfast is one that's high in fiber, like a piece of whole-wheat toast with some peanut butter. For lunch, a good choice is eggs. Eggs produce a neurotransmitter that helps keep your memory sharp. Also, have some yogurt - it contains an amino acid that improves alertness.
And don't forget - you need to snack midday to keep your glucose levels up. But like I said, stay away from the junk food. It has trans-fats that clog up the brain.
For dinner grandma was right. Fish really is the best brain food. The healthy, omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help keep your brain well-oiled, so plaque doesn't build up, leading to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.
And lastly, have some blueberries for dessert. In tests, rats that ate these antioxidant-rich foods showed improvement in coordination, concentration and short-term memory.
There you have it - the ultimate mastermind diet!