And you don't even have to follow any crazy rules, like no carbs, or eat only grapefruit for breakfast. The fact is, nearly everyone who goes on a diet loses weight initially. But up to 95% put it back on within the year. The reason, according to Dr. Bill Gavin from St. Peter's Hospital in Washington, is that most diets are too complicated to stick to for very long. Or too restrictive. He says all you need to do to lose weight is follow 3 simple rules. Here they are, courtesy of the Bottom Line Health newsletter. * Eat 3 meals a day. When you don't eat breakfast, or you skip lunch, by the time 5 o'clock rolls around, you're starving! And you end up consuming more calories at dinner than you would have if you'd eaten earlier. And those extra calories usually add up to more than a breakfast or lunch sized meal. * Eat lean protein with every meal at least 10 to 15 grams. It curbs hunger for up to 2 hours longer than if you just eat fat or carbohydrates. Peanut butter, cottage cheese and turkey are all good protein choices. * Eat no white at night. This means no white rice, bread, pasta or potatoes at your evening meal. These "white" carbohydrates cause a high insulin response, so your blood sugar skyrockets, and then comes crashing down - which causes more hunger. And at night, your insulin levels can reach their highest, which means you end up eating more. Your evening meal should consist of lean meat, fish or poultry, salads and non-starchy vegetables, like carrots, green beans and broccoli. If you'd like to go further, check out the book "No White at Night" by Dr. Bill Gavin.