The average person gets about 10 minutes of face-to-face time with their doctor during a visit, so the last thing you want to do is bombard them with questions like ‘What would happen if I never cleaned the wax out of my ears?’ That’s why I have the answers to some ‘uncommon’ health questions.  Courtesy of Quick and Simple Magazine.

  • What would happen if you never cleaned the wax out of your ears? If you go on an anti-Q Tip rampage, you’ll be fine. That’s the word from Dr. Charles Kimmelman. He says the skin inside your ear canal regularly renews itself, and all the old skin gets pushed out of your ear inside a bundle of wax. In other words, your ears clean themselves. In fact, Dr. Kimmelman says sticking cotton swabs in your ears actually strips them of their natural protection, which can leave them itchy and inflamed. But if your earwax is really bothering you, ask your doctor to prescribe drops to dissolve the buildup.
  • Will I hurt my arm if I let it ‘fall asleep?’ If you dozed off in front of the TV set while lying on your arm, you haven’t done any major damage. When you apply pressure to certain parts of your body – like your arm or foot – the nerves stop sending signals to the brain, causing them to go numb – or ‘fall asleep.’ But doctors say this numbness doesn’t hurt your body, and most people realize their arm has fallen asleep after about 20 minutes anyway. However, if your arm fails to ‘wake up’ when you wiggle or massage it – or it goes numb for no reason - see a doctor.
  • If my stomach keeps growling and I don’t eat, will anything happen? Not really. That’s the word from gastroenterologist Dr. Patricia Raymond. She says your stomach makes growling noises when it’s processing gas, liquid, or food – not because it’s going to eat itself if you don’t grab a snack. So don’t worry about your stomach rumblings. However, if the noises sound high-pitched or you feel pain, see a doctor.