Attention my frazzled friends.I have in my hand your ‘passport’ to stress relief. Here are tricks from around the world that’ll help you relax.No plane ticket required.We found these in Woman’s World Magazine.

  • The first stress-relief trick comes from Tibet**:** Laugh out loud! Tibetan monks laugh out loud the minute they wake up, and they’ve been doing this for 5 thousand years. Why? Because it works! Research shows that laughing counteracts the effects of stress by increasing your body’s production of mood-boosting hormones. Can’t find a knock-knock joke worthy of making you chuckle? Then fake it! Doctors say faking a laugh has the same stress-busting benefits.
  • The next stress-busting tip comes from India**:** Don’t be surprised if you see people rubbing their heads on your next trip to India.Head massage is a daily ritual for them. And it looks like they’re onto something.Studies show that massaging your head relaxes contracted muscles that cause tension and headaches. Head massage also reduces stress hormones. So try rubbing your temples, the top of your scalp, and the base of your neck for one minute to feel more relaxed.
  • And the final stress-busting trip comes from Sweden**:** Add some heat! Most Swedes have a sauna or steam room in their home. But it’s not considered a luxury – it’s considered a necessity! That’s because when you feel stressed, your blood vessels constrict, making you feel achy and tense. But sitting in a heated sauna increases circulation, which opens your blood vessels so you feel relaxed. An added bonus: increased circulation also decreases blood pressure. But don’t call a contractor just yet – you can get the same heat benefits by soaking in your bathtub.

And if you need to take a vacation to experience this stress-relief techniques first hand.You have my permission.