We’ve talked time and again on this program about the obesity problem here in America. And even though we’re guilty of pigging out more than we should, there are other things that cause us to pack on the pounds – things we aren’t even aware of. So, here’s what to watch out for, courtesy of the researchers at Condé Nast Publications.

  • Supermarkets set up shopping traps. You’ve probably heard the advice that you should shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. That’s where the fresh, whole foods tend to be. Well, that’s true. But a lot of grocery stores set up “roadblocks” – displays of processed foods all over the store that are designed to divert you into the center aisles, where you’ll grab less healthy foods. Since these packaged goods cost less to manufacture, they bring in a bigger profit. But they’re BAD for your waistline. So beware of the roadblocks and always look for the healthiest versions of the items on your list.  
  • We’re suckers for a good deal. When it comes to food, American shoppers are mostly influenced by prices. That’s the word from registered dietician Lisa Young. She says if the difference between a small order of fries and a large one is only .40 cents, we’re likely to spend a little to get a LOT more. In this case, about 220 calories more. It costs companies pennies to produce larger amounts, and the extra money you spend on the bigger portions puts millions in their pockets. But extra large servings have a lasting effect. According to Young, huge portions at low prices start to look normal when that’s all you ever see. And it makes you feel short-changed if you order a smaller, healthier amount. So, shop smarter by thinking about the NUTRIENTS – not the amount of food you’re getting for your money. If you REALLY want a deal, order the larger portion and share it with a friend. You’ll spend less than if you each bought your own, and your waistlines won’t hate you.

Wanna learn more? Check out the book The Portion Teller by Linda Young.