Does your workplace have an “office mom?” That’s an older, female employee who, in addition to her official job duties, unofficially takes on mom duties, like, keeps a band-aid supply at the ready in case of paper cuts, gives relationship advice. or brings in cupcakes on employees’ birthdays. 

It’s either because she’s a mom in real-life and doesn’t leave “mom mode” at work…… or she’s childless, and takes on the role because it gives her an outlet for maternal energy.

Well, a lot of companies these days say office moms are crucial to their business – because they help nurture, ground and motivate employees. And that’s especially true for younger workers – Millennials - who grew up with helicopter parents and now crave that same constant guidance and feedback at work.

In fact, some companies now post job listings where they specifically state they’re looking for a candidate with an “office mom” personality. 

And experts predict the demand for office moms to explode as more companies ditch private offices for open-work spaces where senior staffers sit alongside junior ones, making the office environment much more family-like.