Here’s a list of expert-recommended tricks to help you survive the next round of layoffs at work.

First: **Always develop new skills.** Patty Azzarello is a business advisor who says your job is vulnerable if you’ve been doing it the same way, at the same level, year after year. That’s because employers can easily replace you with someone who’ll do the same job at a lower salary and bring fresh skills to the table! So make yourself more valuable by taking classes that apply to your field, earning new certifications, and aiming to master one new skill a year.

The 2nd way to fire-proof your job: Be visible. Azzarello says if no one associates your hard work with the company’s success, then your job’s at risk. So, make sure people know when you do things that boost the bottom line……Because the two best ways to keep a job are to make the company money, or save the company money.

Also: Go the extra mile. That comes from career coach Roy Cohen, who wrote the book "The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide." As he puts it: When you refuse to go above and beyond your job description, you’re inviting the boss to find someone else who will! Enough said.

One more way to fire-proof your job: Make sure the boss knows who you are. Executives tend to fire people they don’t know personally! So, get to know the higher ups. One of the easiest ways to do that is to schedule occasional lunches with your boss… Or, at the very least, be the one who brings her a coffee once in a while, “just because.” Even small chit chat for 5 minutes will help form a bond