What’s the latest way to turn back the clock on aging? It’s hand rejuvenation. 

Statistics show a double-digit jump in the number of cosmetic hand procedures to reduce the signs of aging, including derma-fillers, laser resurfacing, and even fat transfers – where fat cells are taken from other parts of your body and injected into the backs of your hands to give them a smooth, plump, youthful look – all in about a half an hour. 
Flawless hands may seem like a bizarre beauty trend, but experts say a person’s hands are often the best indicator of their age. That’s because the skin on our hands is thin to begin with. But as we age, we lose any fat volume we have in our hands and that’s when veins start to bulge and liver spots crop up. 
The sun does a number on our hands too because they are exposed to the sun more than any other body part. And a lot of us don’t apply sun block to our hands, which accelerates the aging process. 
But “hand rejuvenation” treatments aren’t a magic cure-all. Experts say laser resurfacing and traditional fillers will make the skin on your hands appear fuller and healthier. But you have to have it redone every few months. Fat transfers are a more permanent option and can last years. But beware - it can cost thousands of dollars.