You might think your taste buds are pretty dull if you got to shake salt on everything you eat, but don't be fooled! According to a new study we read about on CNN, heavy salt lovers may actually be supertasters! We've talked before about supertasters. They're people whose sense of taste is more intense than others. To supertasters, food flavors are more vibrant, and they can't stand even a hint of bitterness in what they eat. Dr. John Hayes is a food science professor at Penn State College, and he says supertasters live in a "neon taste" world, and just as previous research showed supertasters need less fat and less sugar to satisfy their taste buds, Dr. Hayes assumed they'd also need less salt. He was surprised at what he found! He lined up 30 supertasters and had them try salty snacks like pretzel sticks and shots of soy sauce. The group also sampled bowls of chicken broth with different amounts of salt in them. They compared salty cheddar cheese and potato chips with low-sodium brands. The result? Even though they were more sensitive to it, the supertasters preferred more salt than less! Why? Dr. Hayes says it's because salt plays a role in tastes besides saltiness. It also blocks bitterness - a taste sensation supertasters experience in Technicolor, and loathe! For example, the panel loved the saltiest broth, cheese and chips much more than the bland versions. Is there a health risk here? You bet. Most North Americans eat a lot more salt per day than what's recommended - and that can cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Avoiding bland foods, like raw or steamed vegetables, increases your chances of getting colon cancer. So, what's being done? Some food companies have pledged to reduce the amount of sodium in their products, but you need to cut down your sodium-intake, too. The American Dietetic Association says instead of salt, beat-the-blands by adding natural herbs and spices to your food like pepper, fresh garlic, basil, dill, oregano and red pepper flakes. Those flavor enhancers won't raise your blood pressure.