Have you heard of the Turbo Transit II? It’s one of the hottest selling backpacks. So what makes it so popular? It’s the size of a mini-fridge! It measures 2,400 cubic inches. And that’s a problem - kids are hauling around way too much stuff these days, which has lead to nearly 28,000 back pack injuries annually! 

The good news is, a lot of manufacturers, like L.L.Bean and North Face, are now working with the American Chiropractic Association to make sure those extra large backpacks don’t injure kids. Because some kids not only carry all their books, they now carry a laptop and other electronic devices ALL DAY, because there’s not enough time to stop at their locker between classes. 

Also some schools have done away with lockers, due to security concerns, but a backpack shouldn’t be more than 10% of a kid’s weight. So if a kid weighs 100 lbs, the pack should weigh 10 lbs. But most kids carry around 22% of their body weight! 

And most injuries occur to the upper back, because kids sling one strap over their shoulder, but that can lead to bigger problems down the road – including damage to spinal nerves that run down the arm and hand. 

So students, to avoid injury, put both straps over your shoulders, put the heaviest objects closets to your back, and make sure the bottom rests in the small of your back, no lower.