Hospitals may be where we go to get healthy but hospital workers aren’t the best wellness role models. In fact, in a study that analyzed the medical records of millions of workers, hospital employees are actually less healthy than people in other industries. 

According to the records, healthcare workers are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic conditions like asthma, obesity, and depression. They’re also more likely to be hospitalized. And when they’re admitted to the hospital, they usually require more treatment than other people with the same issues.

Why? Researchers believe there are 2 reasons: 

First, hospital employees tend to eat on the run, at odd hours, and from vending machines if they work the night shift. So, their diets leave a lot to be desired.

And statistics show that people in the healthcare industry are lax about getting preventive tests like cholesterol checks, skin cancer screenings, and mammograms. That’s because they believe they’re better than the average person at assessing their own health.

So if you work in healthcare – give yourself the same advice you’d give to a patient.