If you’re getting married, don’t ignore any “nagging doubts” you may have.  That’s the takeaway of a new study in the journal Family Process, which tracked more than 600 couples for four years! It shows that the more confidence couples have at the start of their marriage, the happier they’ll be over time, and the more likely they are to stick together.

In fact, couples who reported the most confidence - before they even tied the knot - generally still spent more time together three years into the marriage, compared to couples who got married having “doubts”.

The results may sound obvious but today, surveys show that 1-in-3 divorced women admit they had serious doubts about their relationship, before they walked down the aisle. And this is just the latest study to show that having doubts is a major red flag that your marriage is doomed!

So, why do people ignore their doubts? Matthew Johnson is a relationship expert who led this new study and he says a lot of couples put off having difficult conversations about their relationship, because they don’t want to, quote: “kill the romance.” But your doubts are there for a reason.

And Johnson says the key to surviving the challenges of marriage is having confidence in your relationship and being able to handle tough discussions!    

So, even if you have to see a pre-marriage counselor, Johnson says talk openly and honestly about ALL of your concerns. Because, as this study proves, the sooner you address your doubts, the more confidence you’ll have, and the better off your marriage will be in the long run.