Talking First Aid kits.
The talking kit comes with audio chips that tell you how to set a broken bone, stop bleeding or perform CPR.
According to the Washington Post's Product Watch column, the talking kits were first introduced in March at the Homeland and Global Security Summit-- They'll be available to you and me in September for just under $50 bucks.
The kit's developer, former Navy medic Dave Hammond, says the object was to save time. Precious minutes are lost when a caretaker has to stop and read instructions. But situations such as having no lights or the possibility that the caretaker cannot read, were other incentives to develop the talking kit.
The first thing to do in any emergency situation is to call 9-1-1 and emergency personnel will always guide a caller through what to do in a bad situation. But, in the event that's not possible, the talking first aid kit may be you're next best bet.