The latest smartphone trend is sleep texting! Where people send text messages while they’re half asleep – often in jibberish – and may not even know they sent a text until someone asks about it the next day. It’s like sleepwalking to the fridge for a midnight snack – but you’re letting your fingers do the walking. 

So, what causes sleep texting? Studies show a lot of young people and professionals in stressful jobs send so many text at all hours, that they sleep with the phone in their bed! 

And when they hear the beep of a new email or text message, they partially wake up, text random letters, and fall back asleep. 

But experts say all that sleep texting ruins your sleep cycle. Because you’re stuck in a semi-asleep state that leaves you chronically sleep-deprived. 

There isn’t a cure for sleep texting – but doctors say there’s a no-brainer fix - turn your phone to silent, and leave it in another room, so you can get some sleep.