Scientists believe they’ve created a cure for……muffin tops! That’s the belly fat that hangs over your pants - no matter how many sit-ups you do.

And the muffin top secret weapon is thermocytes! Those are cells that burn fat by increasing body heat. We’re born with lots of thermocytes - and they help stabilize our body temperature as babies. But we lose them as we age.

In an experiment, Ohio State University researchers injected overweight mice with thermocytes every day for 2 months.

The result? They shed 20% of their body weight – even while eating a fatty diet! 

And researchers say that thermocyte injections could target fatty areas anywhere on your body. Especially places where it’s almost impossible to lose weight – no matter how much you exercise. Like your thighs, double chin and arms!

Right now, researchers are still testing the injections. And if they continue working, experts say you’ll start seeing thermocyte injections as the new go-to procedure at cosmetic centers everywhere in the next few years.