Ok guys. You’ve just treated your date to dinner at the swankiest restaurant in town, and when the bill arrived, you slipped the waiter your credit card without even looking at it! Could you be any more awesome? Well, fast forward to next week. Your date hasn’t returned your calls, and now you’re feeling “un-awesome.” So what went wrong? A couple of things.

  • The fancy dinner. In a survey, only 3% of women say they’re impressed when you land a table at Chez Expensive. It makes you look like a show-off.
  • That “not looking at the bill” thing. You thought it was smooth, she thought it made you seem irresponsible. You should’ve double checked the bill for any errors.

So guys, if flashy moves won’t impress your date, what will? Here’s how to handle yourself when it comes to money, courtesy of Rodale Publications.

  • Lose the status symbols. $300 sunglasses. T-shirts plastered with designer logos. Don’t expect your fancy outfit to land you a date! When women see a man flaunt his money, most of them assume that he’s more interested in the present than in the future.In other words, they assume you’d rather blow your money on fancy sunglasses NOW than do something to invest in your future – like save for a down payment on a house. If a woman doesn’t know if you’ll be able to take care of yourself down the line, she’ll most likely assume you won’t be able to take care of HER, either.
  • If you’re in debt, admit it. Not on the first date, but when things get serious. The average guy has about $8,500 worth of credit card debt. Mary Durie, a certified financial planner, says once the relationship gets serious, tell her “This is my situation, and this is how I’ll pay it off.” If you’re honest and you take your debt seriously, she’ll stick with you.
  • Keep your stock tips to yourself. WhenUniversity of California researchers analyzed six years of investment data, they found that the portfolios of single women earned 2.3% more, on average, than those of single men. So guys, unless you’re asked, keep your financial advice to yourself. In fact, you may want to ask your girlfriend for a few tips!