What’s the scariest place on earth for a lot of men these days? It’s the gym!  Psychologists say that a number of men suffer from a phenomenon called “gym intimidation,” and the trend is on the rise.

What exactly is it? It’s when guys refuse to go to the gym to get in shape because they’re intimidated and feel inadequate compared to the ripped and toned gym rats they see.

In fact, experts say that it’s common for a lot of guys to pump iron and do crunches at home for months before they’ll even join a gym just so they feel more confident about working out in public.

And new research shows that when guys eventually get to the gym, they often purposely pick a treadmill or elliptical next to someone who’s more out of shape than they are so they feel better about their own body by comparison.

So many men suffer from gym intimidation that a growing number of health companies are capitalizing on it by rolling out home exercise tools designed specifically to get your body buff, pre-gym.

For example, the home exercise equipment manufacturer Nautilus has seen their sales jump 106 percent. And their latest product, the Bowflex Upper Cut claims to give you “shredded shoulders, rock hard abs, and a chiseled chest” to get you a “gym ready” body, fast. All for a flat $100!

But psychologists say that gym intimidation is curable – and it’ll cost you nothing. That’s because it’s all mental. They say that most gym goers are so preoccupied with how they look and their own workout, that they don’t notice other people. So, keep that in mind the next time you’re working out!