Should phones be banned at the gym? It’s a hot debate. Gyms and fitness studios want to enforce their no-cell-phone rule, but they’re getting a lot of push-back from their paying customers. 

For example, earlier this year, a gym in Massachusetts revoked a woman’s membership because she kept violating their no-cell-phone policy. She retaliated by taking her story to the press. 
But yoga teachers, boot camp instructors, and personal trainers everywhere say it’s become the norm for people to text and talk during work-outs and to tune out and wear headphones while teachers are leading group activities. Yoga instructors in particular say the point of yoga is to get centered and block out the outside world. So texting during class defeats the purpose. Fitness experts also say texting and talking students can hurt themselves if they’re too distracted by their phones. 
There are also privacy concerns. People don’t want to be photographed or videoed without their permission. But these days, a lot of people don’t do anything without their phone. And a lot of people want to use a fitness app on their phone while they work out. 
So do you think you should be able to text and talk on your phone at the gym if you’re a paying customer? Or should phones be off-limits? Post a comment on [](