Here it is, guys - the scoop on how to win an argument with your woman! We got this from Netscape .com's relationship expert, Laura Snyder.

  • The first way to win a fight is to avoid it completely if you can. The easiest way to do that is known as "acknowledging her feelings." That's usually all she wants, so just hit her with the sympathy. "Yes, honey, I understand why you're feeling that way. You have a good point"
  • Another good tactic: Admit you're wrong. The biggest mistake a lot of guys make that they feel the need to be "right." But being right is beside the point in an argument. In fact, if you admit you were wrong up front, you'll rob her of ammunition and there'll be nothing left to fight about.
  • Another way to win an argument with your woman: Resist the temptation to point out her faulty reasoning. Even if you don't understand her point, it's probably valid   women usually think an argument through before bringing it up. So really listen and try to understand her side of things!
  • And finally: Know when it's over. Ideally, the fight will end with a sense of closure. In that case, it should be easy enough to come to an acceptable compromise. And if you'd really like to score some brownie points - say you want to work on sorting out the problem together.

Guys - follow this advice and you just might stay out of the doghouse for another night!