That’s the message from psychologist Dr. Will Courtenay, who wrote the book Dying To Be Men. He says men are more likely than women to ignore medical problems, because guys choose to “endure the pain” instead of see a doctor. But here are three easy ways we men can stay healthier, just by thinking like women:

  • Schedule doctor visits like a woman. A new CDC study shows that men are twice as likely as women to skip annual check-ups with their doctor, and avoid seeing the dentist. But when you do that, health problems that would have been easy to treat, may go undetected for years – and by the time you do see a doctor, it’s too late! So, schedule a physical exam once a year. As Dr. Courtenay puts it, quote: “Going once a year won’t kill you. Going less often might!”

  • Eat like a woman. Research shows that women are 10% more likely than men to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables a day. Experts say it’s because women tend to be more weight conscious than men. So, they’re more likely to choose low calorie foods, while guys go for more fatty meals, which leave us with higher cholesterol, higher blood pressure, and a higher risk of heart attacks!

  • Fuss over your skin like a woman. The next time you think women obsess too much over skin lotions, consider this: According to the American Cancer Society, at least 12,000 more men than women will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year - and half that number will die! The takeaway? Pay attention to your skin! Women use a lot of products with SPF. You should also check your skin often, and see a doctor immediately if you detect any unusual moles.