It’s time to examine the latest intel on hotels.

  • First: The safe in your room may not be as secure as you think. A lot of in-room safes let you lock the door with your own security code. But a word of warning: The default setting on a lot of safes is all zeroes, which will open the safe, no matter what number you originally punched in. Why? Because a lot of guests forget the code they used, and hotel workers need a way to open it. So, next time you close a hotel safe, punch in all zeroes. If it opens, you might want to check your valuables at the front desk. 

  • More hotel intel: A lot of hotels are ditching the small, individual-size shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, and replacing them with full-size, refillable bottles, including luxury properties like Greenwich Hotel in New York City, and the Rosewood Hotel in Vancouver. Why? Because they want to be greener by reducing waste, and catering to guests who worry about the environment. But experts say the move may backfire. Why? Because according to a survey, most hotel guests don’t want to use refillable toiletries, because they worry that the room’s previous occupants have contaminated them. But some critics think people are just complaining because that means no more shampoo souvenirs to take home from their trip.