Ladies, if you want to get ahead at work – a little eyeliner could help. A new study found that women who wear a little makeup are perceived as more reliable, capable, and likable.

Researchers at Harvard University gathered a group of women of all ages, and took 4 pictures each of them. They wore different amounts of makeup - ranging from none at all to a glamorous, dolled up look.

Then, 200 people looked at the pictures, some for just a fraction of a second, and others for as long as they wanted and answered a brief questionnaire describing the women.

The result? No matter how long people looked at the pictures, they rated the women wearing a moderate amount of makeup as the most competent and trustworthy.

Why is that? Lead researcher Dr. Sarah Vickery says it boils down to what’s called “luminance contrast”, which is how much your eyes and lips stand out from the rest of your face. The more contrast, the more likeable you seem, and the more people assume you’re better at your job.

However, beware of going overboard with the eyeshadow. The study found that women who were decked out in a full face of heavy makeup were considered very attractive at first glance.  But the longer someone looked at them, the less trustworthy they appeared. So, ladies, wear makeup, but to get the most bang out of your buck, only a moderate amount.