What's the fastest growing trend in the restaurant industry during these days? According to the Associated Press, many gourmet burger chains are surviving the tough economy by serving bigger burgers, and charging more money, compared to popular fast food chains. These gourmet chains have names like Bobby's Burger Palace, Meatheads, Mooyah Burgers and Fries, The Counter, and the Shake Shack. They often operate in strip malls, where they can be up and running for about a-third of the cost it would take to open a new McDonald's franchise. The burgers they serve are often referred to as "better burgers," because they use higher-quality beef, with fresher ingredients. For example: Last year's fastest-growing burger chain was Five Guys. They specialize in serving double-pattied burgers the size of a softball, made from organic, grass-fed beef, that's never frozen. Tom Ryan is the founder of Smashburger, a gourmet chain based in Denver. He says he did lots of research before opening his first restaurant, and he found that customers are usually willing to pay more money for a better quality burger. In fact, some of the most successful gourmet chains operate right next door to fast food competitors - like McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's. Why? Experts say those bigger chains have been slowly shifting their focus away from burgers in recent years, as they look to sell more coffee beverages, or breakfast meals. So, that's left the door wide open for smaller chains to offer bigger, better burgers - for $6 or more. Gourmet burgers are so popular right now, that President Barack Obama treated Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to a burger during a recent visit. So, if you're an entrepreneur, should you jump aboard the better burger bandwagon? Yes! Experts say there's plenty of room to grow. In fact, some are predicting double-digit sales growth for the next three years! They add that if you're not already in the gourmet burger business, it's time to fire up the fryer.