When it comes to boosting employee creativity, the search-engine company Google is one of the best in the world. Here are a few Google employee tricks you can adapt to boost your own creativity:

  • First: Doodle during meetings. Google employees are surrounded by white boards and writable surfaces so they can write, draw or diagram whenever they feel inspired. Studies show that doodling helps get you out of a mental rut, and doodling while you learn new information can help you retain 30-percent more! Your best bet, start drawing in the lower right-hand corner of the paper. We’re used to writing from left to right, so starting in an unexpected place gives your brain a big creative jolt.

  • Then there’s playtime. Google engineers often play with Legos, which improves spatial reasoning, and energizes the problem-solving area of your brain. If your office doesn’t have a play zone, try squeezing a stress ball. Studies show that tensing and relaxing your muscles improves focus. Or start knitting during your lunch hour, any activity that engages both hands and both sides of your brain reduces stress and boosts creative thinking. 

  • Another way Google boost employee creativity? They call it: 20 percent time. Basically, one day out of the week, which is 20-percent of their time, employees can work on a project that’s outside of their job description. They can use the time to develop something new, or if they see something that's broken, they can use the time to fix it. And workers on ‘20 percent time’ came up with the technical juggernauts, Gmail and Google Earth. You probably can’t spend one workday a week on other projects, so give yourself one hour. Having a limited amount of time helps you become more innovative, because you’re forced to focus.