When was the last time someone actually called you on the phone, well, someone who wasn’t your mom, dad, significant other, or babysitter? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. 

A generation ago, phones were the best way to communicate, and teens were famous for chatting with their friends on the phone for hours. Now, most businesses communicate almost exclusively via email, and coworkers and clients call only if they don’t understand your email. Most teens don’t do anything but text, and a lot of adults are following suit. 

According to Nielsen Media, we’re spending less and less on cell phone calling plans, and more on texting. In fact, experts say that a lot of people have given up calling entirely, unless they email or text to ask, “Is this a good time to call?”

Why the change? Because a ringing phone interrupts your life, and demands that you drop everything to talk. That’s especially true with cell phones, because people take them everywhere they go. So most likely, you’re interrupting something. 

On the flip side: Texting is more private. You can send a message without bothering anybody nearby. And you can answer on your own schedule.