The price of gold recently shot up to nearly $2,000 an ounce! It’s fluctuated since then – but let’s face it – gold is one hot commodity.

And with the soaring prices, comes a rise in thefts. In Los Angeles alone, over 100 people have reported that their gold chains have been ripped right off their necks. And police say gold jewelry has been snatched all over the country – and they’re warning people to be careful!

Andy Smith, a commander with the LAPD, says thieves are willing to take more chances to get their hands on your gold – because they have dollar signs in their eyes. Burglars are targeting jewelry stores and pawn shops – smashing cases and grabbing everything they can.

Just two weeks ago, thieves stole an ancient bar of gold worth more than half a million dollars from a maritime museum in Key West, Florida. The display case allowed visitors to touch part of the bar – thieves reached in, grabbed it, and took off.

And police in Phoenix are looking for a creep who chats up high school girls, then snatches their gold necklaces.

In Milwaukee, gold theft is up - while all other crimes are down! And in the Washington D.C. area, arrests for stolen goods at gold shops and pawn shops have risen 200 percent!

And the crimes are hard to solve because there’s no evidence.  Because the gold is melted down almost immediately.

The lesson? Wear your gold at your own risk!