Remember when being sent to your room was a drag? Today, it’s a blast, that’s because a lot of kids’ rooms are electronics zones with iPads, TVs, and video games. Even with just a smartphone, kids can while away the hours of punishment completely entertained! And experts warn that that prevents kids from reflecting on their bad behavior, so they’re more likely to keep repeating it.

Child psychologist Dr. Paul Donahue is the author of “Parenting Without Fears.” He says this is a serious new problem for parents because they don’t know how to effectively discipline kids in the Tech Age.

In the days before widespread technology when kids were sent to their room, there wasn’t a lot to do – except maybe read. So it was a chance for them to reflect on their bad behavior. But today when kids are sent to their room, they can watch movies, text message friends, and upload photos of how miserable they are on Facebook.

So, parents are trying new ways of making “go to your room” just as bad as it was in the old days by creating a “drop all devices rule”, where their kids have to turn in gadgets before they head to their room.

These days, that's the worst punishment! In fact, the American Psychological Association did in an experiment, in which teens were put in a room without their cell phone for 45 minutes. Most felt anxious and irritable. Some developed a stomachache! But one symptom really surprised the psychologists - a lot of the teens fell asleep! Because it was the first time that they weren't being stimulated by the constant influx of texts, calls and status updates.

So the next time you want to punish your kid - have them leave their cell phone with you and send them somewhere where they're completely disconnected.