Get ready to go from fired to hired! Here’s some expert advice to help you get hired from Conde Nast publications.

  • Just because you’re out of work, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have business cards. You can get a box of 100 from a major office supply store for as little as $10. So what should you put on it if you’re unemployed? Use your last job title, but do not use some cutesy, meaningless title like: Chief Idea Officer. You’ll lose credibility. Also, don’t list more than one phone number, but do include a website if it’s relevant. Don’t get too fancy with the design on the cards – your message will get lost.
  • Go ahead and use the word “fired” instead of “laid off.” That advice comes from Cathryn Cranston – a former executive VP for a large publishing company. When she was let go, the first thing she did was send an email to 50 people she knew in her industry saying she’d been “fired” and was looking for a new opportunity. She chose the word “fired” because it has more backbone and she wanted to take control of the situation and not come across like a victim. She personalized each email and explained what had happened in a straight-forward manner. Before she knew it, that email blast generated consulting work and she’s been her own boss ever since. The moral of the story is: take control of the message you’re sending out.
  • Also, use some of the time you’re out of work to get your life back in order. How many things did you blow off because you were too busy with work? Doctor’s appointments, going to the gym, cleaning out the garage. Take control of your personal life and you’ll feel ready to tackle your professional life again.
  • Everybody will be out of work at some point, so prepare for it financially. If you can, put away a year’s salary. That’s a huge goal, but if you can cut back on your lifestyle while you do have a job and save, then, when you’re out of work, it’ll make the difference between pursuing your next job or pursuing your dream.