It's official. Research has now proven what parents have known for years: Kids ask a lot of questions. According to a new survey, the average child under age 10 asks their parents 288 questions a day, which is about one question every four minutes. 

And girls tend to ask the most questions. Their curiosity peaks just before kindergarten, when they ask a staggering 390 questions a day. The kids asking the fewest questions are 9-year-old boys – who ask only 144 a day.

The study also found that from age five on, the number of questions kids ask decreases slightly every day. But they get more difficult. And more than 80-percent of parents say their 10-year-olds routinely ask questions they can’t answer.

And one final survey statistic may raise a few eyebrows: Almost nine out of 10 kids bring their questions to their mother first. That’s because the standard answer of 25-percent of Dads is “Go ask your mother.”