Count to 6 seconds, that’s how long a recruiter spends looking at your résumé. And experts say that’s why it’s crucial to give your résumé a 2013 update, so you can maximize those 6 seconds!

  • First: Under your contact info, along with your name and email address, add a link to your LinkedIn profile. Hiring managers increasingly want to see your online networking site to get a better clue of your personality and connections.

  • Then, ditch your résumé’s objective section, like “My goal is to be an Account Executive.” It’s a waste because hiring managers already know why you’re applying for the job in the first place!

  • The next 2013 résumé update: Showcase your skills at the top of your résumé. List 5 or 6 nitty-gritty skills that show why you’re such a hot commodity, like you speak 3 languages, know HTML, have 3 years of major manufacturer marketing experience, or you’re a certified accountant. This section used to be at the bottom of your résumé, but hiring pros say move it to the top. That way a hiring manager can see immediately if you’re qualified. Remember, you have to maximize those 6 seconds. 

  • Then, are you in a creative field? Include links to videos, your website or portfolios of your work. Experts say it’s a huge advantage for potential employers to simply click on a hyperlink and get a sense of your style and accomplishments in seconds.

  • And finally - name your résumé file by using your name and the position you’re applying for, like “Frank Clancy, office manager.” A lot of companies use software to scan and filter résumés by keywords, like ‘office manager.’ So if your résumé is saved in their computer and it’s titled ‘office manager’, that increases the odds that it’ll be reviewed.