Want to boost your creative powers? Simply go for a nature walk – and leave your smartphone behind!

That’s according to a new study that proves, for the first time, that being in nature gadget-free boosts your brainpower big-time.

University of Utah researchers had people go on a hike without iPods or cellphones to keep them company. They also took a creativity test before and after the hike.

The result? Their post-hike creativity scores shot up by a stunning 50 percent.

Lead researcher Dr. David Strayer says this shows that your brain is heavily influenced by your environment. And it’s crucial to give it a break from the constant stimulation and stress of buzzing and beeping smartphones, iPads and computers. In fact, the study specifically found that being gadget-free restores your prefrontal brain circuits, which are associated with creativity and higher-level thinking.

But researchers stress that simply going tech-free isn’t enough to recharge your brain. Actually being in nature is a key component because the relaxing environment cuts your stress levels, allowing your mind to freely wander.